Monday, March 26, 2012

My Weekend

This right here, is evidence of a successful foraging weekend at the local building and metal recycle centres. It's so ridiculous that I spend my weeks eager to hit the junk yards on a Saturday, and get antsy if we leave it too late to head out as I worry the best bits of brass will be picked over. Hah! The things we stress about eh?

However, as you can see, Saturday was successful in foraging terms, so I'm armed and ready to get cracking with some of the jewellery orders and requests I've got backing up!

And yes, these grungy looking pieces of metal will be turned into amazing pieces of jewellery - watch this space! There's something really awesome (and kind of random!) about wearing a brooch or pair of earrings knowing that they used to be a kick plate on a door. I love the pre-loved condition of this sort of brass compared to the new shiny yellow sheeting you can buy.

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